Business development and client department

The fundamental principle of Russian Reinsurance Company’s customer policy is to establish long-term trust-based relations with its partners. We do not aim for a substantial increase in number of customers; rather we strive to do everything in our power to develop the relations we have with existing clients.

Among our partners there are largest Russian insurance companies and insurance companies with foreign share capital. We pay a particular attention to co-operation with Russian regional insurance companies.

Russian Reinsurance Company has its head office in Moscow, and representative offices in St Petersburg, Vladivostok and Kiev.
The company operates successfully in a number of CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Azerbaijan), as well as in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Montenegro and Albania). Our regional policy is based on careful study of local market conditions and thorough supervision to ensure compliance with the highest standards of service and underwriting maintained by head office.
Russian Reinsurance Company also plans to expand its presence in Eastern Europe and the CIS.

Maria Morozova

Maria Morozova

Deputy Managing Director
Business development and client management


Client manager