Russian Re - Facultative reinsurance

Facultative reinsurance

Being a  professional Reinsurer the Company works with various types of Reinsurance Programs.

Alongside with the quota share proportional reinsurance on the basis of the full sum insured, we often work with proportional reinsurance  programs on the basis of the loss limit or first loss.

We also quote and subsequently write non-proportional reinsurance programs. In some cases the excess loss basis of the risk placement, being a layered program allows more effective organization of the necessary reinsurance capacity and helps to reach a necessary consensus on the price of reinsurance. 

The Company actively develops facultative forms of co-operation and offers not only participation in placed programs, but also quotation of the different reinsurance programs, including non-proportional.


In our facultative practice we adhere to the following underwriting approaches:

  • Our retention is determined by a total liability on one risk on all sections of the coverage taking into account extentions of the policy such as third party liability, business interruption, extra expense etc.;
  • Participation in risk with a share of up to 100%;
  • For large risks, a qualified survey report is required;
  • Machinery breakdown, business interruption and third party liability are covered incidental to named perils fire or  “all risks” policy;
  • Claims Cooperation Clause on risks with a significant share of participation.



Treaty reinsurance

Reinsurance of homogeneous portfolios of insurance companies consisting of a wide range of risks, as a rule, is carried out on an treaty basis.

The Russian Reinsurance Company has broad experience in developing terms for treaty  contracts for Russian and foreign companies, and is interested in further development of treaty cooperation with its partners.