Russian Re - Accident and health insurance risks

Accident and health insurance risks

Our portfolio for reinsurance of personal lines includes risks connected with accident and health. We specialize in term life insurance (including that for loan borrowers) and accident insurance. We also offer reinsurance for travelers abroad, employer's liability and voluntary medical insurance.

Each of the listed types of coverage has its own specific features and consequently requires a different approach when considering risks and developing reinsurance protection.

We consider and quote risks on a facultative basis. We also participate in treaty reinsurance, offer our own quotations on both proportional and non-proportional coverage, and develop special insurance and reinsurance programs. 


Reinsurance of sports teams

In particular, one of our own developments is a program of insurance and reinsurance of sports teams. Our vast experience in this area allows consideration of the risks of possible injuries common to team sports.

Reinsurance of ship crews

We offer another program for ship crews. According to the Merchant Marine Code, the coverage includes risks of damage to life and health, medical expenses incurred in the Russian Federation and abroad, medical transportation, substitution of crew members and even the risk of deviation of the vessel.