Russian Re - Retention

Property, Energy and Engineering

Russian Reinsurance Company’scapacity in respect of property, energy, engineering, including machinery breakdown insurance, and business interruption (ALOP/DSU) amounted to:

50 000 000US dollars.

We offer capacity of 7000000 US dollars in respect of the following risks:

  • Nuclear risks,
  • Control of Well,
  • Off-shore energy risks,
  • Mining as part of property policy,
  • Terrorism as part of property policy,
  • Underground T&D lines,
  • Ships building risks.

We write risks on proportional, non-proportional, first loss basis. If necessary we can providequotations for such reinsurance contracts.
Russian Recapacity is covered by a comprehensive reinsurance program including both per risk and catastrophy coverage. Reinsurance is placed with leading international Reinsurers.

Motor hull and liability

The Russian Reinsurance Company offersreinsurance protection on various means of transport. Ourcapacity in respect of one vehicle is as follows:

Hull insurance

- 50 000 US dollars

Voluntary liability

- 100 000 US dollars

Motor personal accident

-50 000 US dollars

Together with reinsurance departments of insurance companies we study portfolios, insurance conditions, underwriting policy, and other information that enables it to offer the most cost-effective reinsurance option.

Special purpose plant and machinery

Our capacity for “Special purpose plant and machinery” is

2 000 000 US dollars.

These vehicles involve: dredges, bulldozers, cranes, loaders, dump trucks, combines, tractors, timber-processing equipment, and all types of railroad vehicles – locomotives, cars and half-cars, tanks. We participate on proportional and non-proportional basis.

Personal accident and health

The Russian Reinsurance Company offers reinsurance for the following:

Risks and portfolios of accident and health insurance;
Risks and portfolios of term life insurance for loan borrowers;
Portfolios of insurance for travellers abroad.
Russian Recapacity for personal accident insurance totals 500,000 US dollars per person. The retention amount we accept for reinsuring one person is determined by the maximum possible loss payment under the policy.
If an insurable event affects two or more persons,Russian Re can offer reinsurance protection with a limit of 2,500,000 US dollars per event.
Under term life insurance policies, includingcredit life,we retain net up to 500,000 US dollars perperson.
The coverage allows us to consider various types of reinsurance of travellers abroad, depending on the purpose of such reinsurance. We offer also per event protection with a limit of 2,500,000 US dollars. Under our program of proportional travel reinsurance, the international travellers' assistance company AXA assistance, with whom weve partnered for over 10 years, participates in claims settlement.


The Russian Reinsurance Company capacity for cargo reinsurance amountes to

3 000 000 US dollars.

The underwriters of the Company are ready to work out insurance and reinsurance terms for large cargoes, and to involve surveyors for the claims assessment and settlement.


In 2009 we essentially increase our capacity up to

2 000 000 US dollars.

Currently we develop two classes of reinsurance:

  • General third party liability,
  • Professional indemnity.

We write treaty and facultative business on proportional and non-proportional basis.