Russian Re - Motor

Motor risks

Reinsurance of motor risks in Russian Re includes not only motor hull, liability and personal accident. Our portfolio also covers specialized and construction equipment, railway vehicles, and also reinsurance of “green card” policies.




By virtue of traditionally high losses in motor insurance, our underwriting policy concerning this line of business is rather conservative. In order to control losses, we participate exclusively on treaty basis wherein for the majority of cases we accept a share of up to 100% and in motor fleets reinsured on facultative basis. We give special attention to loss statistics and underwriting policy of our ceding companies.

Special Purpose Plant and Machinery

Special purpose plant and machinery is primarily subject to facultative reinsurance. We offer reinsurance capacity in this area both for fleets, and for separate vehicles. The coverage extends to events which occur on a construction site, and also to movement on general purpose roads. We consider all kinds of special equipment: dredges, bulldozers, cranes, loaders, dump trucks, combines, tractors, and timber-processing equipment.

Railroad transport

We offer reinsurance on all types of railroad vehicles – locomotives, cars and half-cars, tanks usually on a facultative basis. Traditional insurance risks for railway transport are covered both during movement and when stationary.

Underwriting capacity